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for “a shining example” of chamber jazz


The Housewarming Project is one of the most dynamic and lyrical groups in jazz today. 

Combining the spontaneity of jazz, the intimacy of chamber music, and the soulfulness of the singer-songwriter movement, The Housewarming Project (Jeremy Siskind, Lucas Pino, Nancy Harms) delivers music that “seems to defy all boundaries while remaining totally accessible, totally engaging.” (Jazz Ink blog)

“[The performance] reached, in fact, beyond music, into a transformative event in which the players, the music, and the location blended into an intimate togetherness, drawing its listeners into a kind of complete experiential participation.”
– Don Heckman, International Review of Music

“A shining example of chamber jazz. Siskind “has mastered [the] craft” of “showcase[ing] each player without disguise or artifice, while emphasizing the music’s detail and nuance.” ★★★★

– Carlo Wolff, Downbeat Magazine

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