House Concerts

Music is meant to be shared. Jeremy’s Housewarming Project has brought friends together to experience world-class music in nearly 70 homes in 18 different states since 2012.

Why House Concerts?

Great music shouldn’t be reserved for aficionados in ancient concert halls or uber-hip fans packed into dingy clubs.

In-home concerts give guests and hosts the chance to hear acoustic music in comfortable settings without paying a huge cover charge or standing in a long line. The Housewarming Project will perform anywhere with a piano and an attentive audience of at least 20 guests, which, over the past three years, has included basements, mansions, music rooms, and living rooms from Atlanta to Seattle and nearly everywhere in between.

Jeremy is a nationally recognized advocate for in-home concerts and has been invited to share his ideas about and expanding venue possibilities for musicians at the 2014 Music Teacher National Association convention in Chicago and the Jazz Education Network convention in San Diego where he gave a presentation called “The Art of the In-Home Concert.” But, most importantly, he’s shared music with new friends all across the country and plans to make a lot more friends in the coming years.

From the Guestbook

“Thank you for an amazing show! We didn’t even know we liked jazz, but somewhere between the soulful lyrics and dynamic performance, you made our hearts melt!”

“I heard something new tonight. I was fuming about a work incident for days and you took the sword out of my hand. Thank you.” 

“Thank you for the awakening of my heart tonight.”

“This music was the most refreshing thing I’ve heard in decades…and possibly the most spiritual music I’ve ever heard.”

“The concert I saw tonight will no doubt be a memory I’ll treasure for years to come.”

“The bass clarinet, voice, and piano took me to a place I won’t soon forget.”

Interested in Hosting a House Concert?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a problem if I’ve never hosted a house concert before?

Absolutely not! If you have a piano and a love for music, we want to perform at your home. We actually prefer not to be part of a series, but to find folks who have never hosted before.

What do I need to provide?

Not much! I count only 3 things:

  1. A well-maintained piano
  2. An audience of at least 20 guests (though, the more the better)
  3. A welcoming spirit
How are you affording to stage free concerts?

We ask that you allow us to sell CDs and politely request donations from your guests (the suggested donation is $20).

Why are you performing at houses instead of clubs?

Many of the best performing experiences of my life have been at house concerts. Because of the friendliness of the venue, musicians and audiences can form more intimate connections.

Is this background music? Can guests be milling about?

No, sorry – think about this as a concert. Everyone should be seated and listening.

If I host an in-home concert, do I need to let the musicians sleep over?

Often times friendly hosts invite us to stay over and we’re very grateful when that happens, but it’s also no problem if we have to find our own accommodations.

Will you play an upright piano?

Yes, if it’s a decent one. If the piano is in-tune and well-regulated, I’ll be happy to play it.

Any tips on inviting guests?

Yes, treat this as a party and get an RSVP list, rather than sending out mass invites. In our experience, people like to be invited individually rather than feel like they’re being advertised to.

Do we have to serve dinner? Drinks?

This is your party, so it’s up to you! Generally, people do serve some light snacks and drinks. Some hosts have thrown a potluck meal and others have had nothing much to eat.


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