Housewarming Project

“Saturday’s performance by Jeremy Siskind and the Housewarming Project…reached, in fact, beyond music, into a transformative event in which the players, the music and the location blended into an intimate togetherness, drawing its listeners into a kind of complete experiential participation.”
– Don Heckman, International Review of Music

Jeremy Siskind’s Housewarming Project is a jazz trio that moves with the soul of the singer-songwriter movement and the grace of a chamber ensemble.

Driven by his passion for music and literature, and inspired by great poets and writers,award-winning pianist and composer Jeremy Siskind’s musical compositions are explorations of the fabric of humanity. The group has produced two seminal jazz albums that are the shape of a new idiom in small chamber jazz performance.

Finger-Songwriter, the group’s first album, dealt with love and loss, horror and heartbreak, inspired by poets Jorge Luis Borges, Seamus Heaney, and Derek Walcott.

The album was hailed in ecstatic terms as…

“[W]insome…literate and spry” – The New York Times

“[O]ne of the most remarkable recordings I’ve heard in a very long time” – MinnPost

“One of the best albums I’ve heard all year” –, which placed it in its top 100 albums of the year, of any genre.

The most exciting musical project I’ve heard in a long time” – Jazz Police

Jazz Blog named Finger-Songwriter the No. 5 Album of 2012.

In his newest release, “Housewarming,” themes of domesticity reverberate throughout the album; Reflections on what it means to have a place where you belong, with lyrics and moods in part borrowed from texts by Marilynne Robinson W.B. Yeats, Carl Sandburg, and Derek Walcott.  All movingly delivered by vocalist Nancy Harms and colored by Siskind and woodwind master Lucas Pino.

“The combination of a piano, voice and a collection of woodwind instruments doesn’t seem, on the face of it, to contain any unusually creative potential. Which might be the truth, if the players were anyone other than Siskind, Harms and Pino.” 
– Don Heckman, International Review of Music

Kendra Shank and GRAMMY® winning vocalists Kurt Elling, Peter Eldridge appear on the Housewarming album, which received a four-star rating from DownBeat Magazine, who raved that the album provides “a shining example” of chamber jazz.

The trio began touring in 2012, primarily performing at in-home concerts. After all, what more perfect place to play music about themes of domesticity and belonging than at a house concert?

From the summer of 2012 to 2014, The Housewarming Project played nearly 70 such concerts in 18 states, making new friends and converting unsuspecting audiences into… jazz fans.

Vocalist Nancy Harms ushers a listener into the world of a piece with her innate story-telling abilities; Lucas Pino colors the music with whispering tenor work, mournful clarinet, and murmuring bass clarinet; and Jeremy Siskind sonically rounds out the music with sparkling, Debussian harmony.

By 2013, Siskind’s songs caught the attention of some great jazz singers and vocalists Kendra Shank,  and GRAMMY® winners Peter Eldridge and Kurt Elling. All three joined the original group in the studio to record Housewarming, which features nine new Siskind songs and four covers.

Housewarming is available here, at iTunes and Amazon on the Brooklyn Jazz Underground label.


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